About Allara Custom Travel

Allara Custom Travel is an agency dedicated to providing you with full service support – from the moment you reach out to us, until your return home. Rosie Katz, proprietor, has over 18 years of experience in the travel industry, including 12 years managing an agency before opening Allara. Rosie has enjoyed over 40 years of travel herself, offering clients a wealth of first-hand knowledge and passion.

Our Goal

Allara Custom Travel has a simple goal: To provide the highest level of dedicated luxury travel support for you and your travel companions, throughout your entire trip. While online booking offers access to travel options, nothing compares to the expertise and support of a travel specialist whose goal is to create a seamless, extraordinary journey for you.

Our Specialties

We are specialists in many destinations and travel types, including destination weddings, custom group travel, and destination meetings & incentives. Our Out of the Box, Design Your Own, and Volunteer Travel options highlight our appreciation for combining world travel with an emphasis on personal enrichment. From simple family holidays to complex itineraries and off-the-beaten path destinations, Allara Custom Travel can customize the perfect trip for you.

Our Partnerships

ACT is part of a network of travel industry partners, suppliers and in-destination specialists who work together to provide unique experiences, added amenities and space available complementary upgrades, all to help make for a more memorable trip.

About Rosie

rosiebwI am someone who has always loved to travel. I have been traveling for over 40 years, including six continents and over 55 countries. I have also lived abroad on more than one occasion and have loved experiencing our world with my own senses and through my own unique perspective.

My goal is to create a great experience with seamless arrangements and to be your trusted professional who is ready to assist along the way. And one more thing: to have happy, satisfied clients with memories to savor for a long time to come.

Praise for Allara

“I cannot recommend Rosie highly enough.  She took the panic out of this vacation and truly allowed us to relax without worry while traveling.  Thank you, Rosie!”

– Paul K.

“Easy as pie, and we got exactly the flights we wanted… We were happy travelers.”

– Meredith Y.

“This was the first time we have ever used a travel agent, and Rosie exceeded our every expectation. Her knowledge helped us to squeeze out every last bit of enjoyment of the trip (local knowledge on what to do and where to stay, hotel upgrades, best flights to maximize our time) that I know we would not have been able to do ourselves online. Thanks again Rosie!”

– Bryan P.

“[Rosie] went above and beyond by counseling me on a shady airline I had chosen for a flight between NZ and Australia.  She suggested a much better airline for just a couple bucks more.  I can only imagine the potential frustration she saved me by offering up that sage advice.”

– Tracy B.

“Here’s why I loved her.  She had NO idea if I was serious or not about booking this trip when we first talked, and she was completely informative, weighed our options (this hotel vs that hotel, this island vs that island, etc) and knew everything there was to know about everything I don’t know!  Not to mention, she always answers the phone and responds quickly to emails. Everything about Allara Travel is 5 stars and from now on, Rosie is my designated agent. Aloha!”

– Matthew H.

“We were so impressed with Rosie Katz and her incredible customer service.  She worked with us to find the perfect property… I can’t stress enough how great it was to work with a professional!!!”

– Mike R.

“Rosie will be your advocate… if anything ever goes awry, going all the way to the top, if necessary; she doesn’t take no for an answer. I cannot recommend her highly enough – oh wait, I just did.”

– Munson W.

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